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My Super N-in-1 CD's
Super WinPE+ 2004 AIO
Super Windows 2000 SP4
SuperW2K3 Server 6in1 
Longhorn XP 3683
SuperWOS 2003
Super Norton SystemWorks

CD-Labels & Covers
Super WinPE+ 2004 CD
SuperW2K SP4 v1
SuperW2K3 Server 6in1
SuperWXP_SP1 6in1 CD
SuperWOS 2003 CD
SuperNSW_2003 CD

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Thank you for visiting my Home Page. I will fill my website with a few links that will lead you to some web-pages to explore the best waves of my works. These pages focus on the development of my recent and long-term projects, and are aimed to share experience with those who are of interested to the contents. No download links are to be provided. Enjoy your stay!  

Super WinPE Plus 2004

(Last updated on 12-30-2003, added Windows XPE Chinese Edition!)

This is a multi-bootable CD which put 5 different versions of Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) onto one single CD. These 5 versions of WinPE are Windows PE XP-SP1 [Version 5.1.2600], Windows PE 2003 [Version 5.2.3790]ERD Commander 2003 and Windows XPE [English Edition] & Windows XPE [Chinese Edition] (still in experimental stage).   Coming together with the WinPE's on the same CD are installed programs of large varieties, enabling us to accomplish tasks in different area. 

Full Description: SuperWinPE.htm

Super Windows 2000 Sp4

This is a multi-bootable Windows 2000 Super CD which put 3 different English Edition of Windows 2000 (Advanced Server, Server & Professional) together into one single CD. Service Patch 4 (SP4, Build 5.0.2195.6717) has been integrated onto the CD. Other than multi-bootable, the CD is equipped with an Autorun CD-Menu to make it more user-friendly under win32 environment.

Full Description: SuperW2k.htm

Windows Server 2003 All-In-One:

This multi-bootable CD puts 6 different English Versions of Windows Server 2003 (RTM, Build 3790) (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition & Web Edition in VLK & Retail Version) onto one single CD.   (In order to fit main contents of all OS's onto one single standard 80min/700mb CD, the Web Edition uses the same DRIVER.CAB which is of the Enterprise Edition.  This should not be of a matter since the original DRIVER.CAB of the Web Edition is actually a subset of the one of Enterprise Edition.)  In addition to the multi-bootable feature, the CD is equipped with an Autorun CD-Menu to make it more user-friendly under win32 environment.

Full Description: Super2k3.htm


Multi-Bootable N-in-1 CD Howto Project:

This topic talks about what is N-in-1 CD, the cdimage and its simple use in making an ISO, cdimage advanced and its optimization magic, making CD Multi-Bootable with Loader and Disk-Emulator, editing boot sector of Windows XP, Windows 2000 and/or boot-image files, and finally guiding you to make a Windows XP Professional & Home Edition 2in1 CD.   Read full topic: nin1.htm

  1. Usage and Optins of CDIMAGE:  cdimage.txt
  2. WPRO Folder (Minimum set of WinXP Drivers & Files):  This folder is no longer provided.  Please refer to the following FAQ and make the folder yourself with your own WinXP CD: FAQ1
  3. Example Boot Script (Version 1.2.18) for Multi-Bootable CD:  BSCRIPT.INI

PEBuilder-Plus Stuffs:

Bart's PE Builder v3 helps you build a "BartPE" (Bart Preinstalled Environment) bootable Windows CD-ROM or DVD from Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 which is very suitable for PC maintenance tasks.  Before you proceed with my PEBuilder-Plus Stuffs which help to make my Super WinPE Plus 2004, please go to to learn more about Bart's PE Builder.

  1. Custom Plugin:  custom.infcustom.xml
  2. ERDC 2003 Plugin: erd2003.inf erd2003_nu2menu.xml dt.cfg
  3. Network Plugin: network.infnetwork_nu2menu.xml
  4. Organized Nu2Menu: nu2menu.xmlnu2go.bmp
  5. Ramdisk Plugin: ramdisk.inframdmenu.xmlramdriv.regramdsize.batramdinst.batramd096.bat
  6. XPE Custom Plugin: xpe-custom.inf
  7. Simplified Chinese Plugin: chs_cn.inf, keyboard_cn.inf