Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise, Standard & Web Edition, VLK & Retail Version All-In-One, Release Notes

Windows Server 2003, Enterprise, Standard & Web Edition All-In-One: This multi-bootable CD puts 6 different English Versions of Windows Server 2003 (RTM, Build 3790) (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition & Web Edition in VLK & Retail Version) onto one single CD.   (In order to fit main contents of all OS's onto one single standard 80min/700mb CD, the Web Edition uses the same DRIVER.CAB which is of the Enterprise Edition.  This should not be of a matter since the original DRIVER.CAB of the Web Edition is actually a subset of the one of Enterprise Edition.)  In addition to the multi-bootable feature, the CD is equipped with an Autorun CD-Menu to make it more user-friendly under win32 environment.



  1. Boot from CD and select one of the os's to install
  2. Under DOS, run i386\winnt.exe of your selected OS (it is strongly recommended to run DOS smartdrv.exe first). e.g. X:\NRMSFPP\i386\winnt.exe /s:X:\NRMSFPP\i386 /t:D (X is the drive letter of your CD and D is the drive letter of your target hard-disk where you want the copied temporary files to be put and the Windows to be installed)
  3. Under Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, run setup.exe or i386\winnt32.exe of your selected OS.  e.g. X:\NRMSFPP\i386\winnt32.exe /s:X:\NRMSFPP\i386 /tempdrive:D (Please observe the Notes to install Alternate OS's as described below)
  4. Under Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, you can also use the Autorun CD-Menu to install the selected Primary or other Alternate OS's.  (Please observe the Notes to install Alternate OS's as described below)

Since this is a N-in-1 CD which has moved all the Files/Directories of the alternate OS's one level down the root, we therefore need to use Advanced Options during the Setup of the alternate OS's if you do not boot the CD directly but want to install under Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP:

After you have input the Product-Key, you will be in "Windows Setup" screen. From there you click the "Advanced Options" button to go to that window, you then check both of the 2 boxes in the lower part of the window:

[X] Copy all installation files from the Setup CD

[X] I want to choose the install drive letter and partition during Setup

By doing this, the system will make a copy of files from the correct source path of your CD to the hard-disk first instead of searching the \i386 in standard CD installation. You then will not have trouble of being asked constantly to insert CD or being reported of missing files because of the redirected i386 directory. This is similar to make installation from source on network or hard-disk.


To get rid of the Evaluation Stuffs off the desktop which are due to other previous beta software, remove the following two registry keys if they exist:




Creating Stand-Alone CD-Images:

2003 Michael K.H. Au-Yeung, on April 7, 2003