Welcome to Microsoft Codename Longhorn XP (Alpha Build 3683) Multi-Bootable CD

Longhorn will become a major Windows Release by Microsoft, it is expected to be in the shops early in 2005.  The Longhorn Build 3683 on this CD came from one of those Alpha Builds which made their way onto the Internet in September.  This multi-bootable CD corrected some mistakes existing in the leaked version of Longhorn and there are some other improvements being made as well.





If you're a .NET 2003 beta tester, you can use your Microsoft provided key.  Please note that RESET 4.04 & 5.01 are NOT going to work with this version of LONGHORN, and you have to ACTIVATE in order to make Longhorn to work beyonds the 14 days grace period.
  1. Boot from CD and select "1" from the Install & Interactive Menu to install Longhorn
  2. Under DOS, run \i386\winnt.exe (it is strongly recommended to run DOS smartdrv.exe first). e.g. X:\i386\winnt.exe /s:X:\i386 /t:D (X is the drive letter of your CD and D is the drive letter of your target hard-disk where you want the copied temporary files to be put and the Longhorn XP to be installed)
  3. Under Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, run setup.exe or \i386\winnt32.exe of your selected XP.  e.g. X:\i386\winnt32.exe /s:X:\i386 /tempdrive:D
  4. Under Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, you can also use the Autorun CD-Menu to install the Longhorn XP.

To get rid of the Evaluation Stuffs off the desktop, remove the following two registry keys:





by Michael K.H. Au-Yeung, on November 23, 2002.