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Miei articoli 


Peter Below: Snippets Collections

Di seguito un ottimo elenco di contributi (links, risposte nei newsgroup ed esempi vari) postati da Peter Below :


Code Snippets and Links

July 23, 1999 - March 10, 2000






Passing files from Explorer to Delphi app via DDE
Example for a Delphi app that registers itself as a DDE server for a file extension. Files opened from Explorer will be passed by DDE to the app.

Threaded Splashscreen for Delphi
Shows how to implement a splash screen running in a secondary thread 

Converting variants to XML
Provides a unit to convert variants to XML, including a function you can call from the IDEs Evaluate/Modify dialog to debug variants.

SpyPrinter for Delphi
This is a Delphi example for monitoring print jobs using the FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification and FindNextPrinterChangeNotification API function

D6DLLSynchronizer for Delphi 6 and 7
Unit you can add to a DLL project to make TThread.Synchronize work again

Example for creating a virtual keypad
Delphi example showing how to create and use a form that acts as a virtual keyboard.

Handling hierarchical data with multiple child/multiple parents
Shows how one can handle data objects with multiple child / multiple parent relationships.

Form content save and restore
Provides a set of classes that can be used to save and restore the user-editable content of a form and also check a form for changes against the last saved state.

Winalyzer: sample to enumerate window hierarchy of an app
Program demonstrates how to enumerate the windows and their controls in another application and how to find a control again by its position in the hierarchy. Also shows how to get information about a window, given its handle

Typed list generator for Delphi
Source and EXE for a small program that will create type-safe list classes to use instead of TObjectlist or TList. No more typecasting!

Zooming an image in a TPaintbox on a TScrollbox
This sample application shows how to zoom in and out for an image displayed in a TPaintbox on a TScrollbox.

Container and hash table for key/value pairs
Provides a container for string key/value pairs with lookup via hashtable, a sample app showing the use, a generic hash table, plus unit tests. Win32 only!


update 11 Marzo 2009

Ho raccolto tutto il materiale in unico pacchetto scaricabile all'indirizzo seguente:




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