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Miei articoli 


FireCAT (Firefox Catalog of Auditing exTensions)

Source: http://www.security-database.com/toolswatch/+-FireCAT-+.html

Current version: 1.5 (January 9, 2009)
Downloads: FreeMind MindMap | Browsable HTML | PDF
FireCAT (Firefox Catalog of Auditing exTension) is a mindmap collection of the most efficient and useful firefox extensions oriented application security auditing and assessment
FireCAT 1.5 will be the last release of this 1.x branch. In fact, we are working on a new improved version 2.0 (management of plugins, instant download from security-database, ability to add new extension, extension version checker, Firefox 3.X compatible extensions..)

FireCAT 1.5 : Firefox Catalog of Auditing exTensions


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